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Everyone deserves to find their piece of prairie. We’re experts in finding homes that fit your ideal lifestyle and budget and finding buyers that want what you have to offer. We help both buyers and sellers on the path to security, freedom, and living each day to its full potential. Whether your home is just a dream, or you have a dream home, we’ll find the right match here in Manitoba.

We have a commitment to serve and to grow. We aren’t satisfied with staying the same. Through our guiding values, we bring our best and then improve on what “our best” means. Each and every one of our agents, buyers, and sellers contribute to the CBPA community. We continue to strive to be leaders in real estate. We keep what works and innovate when something doesn’t. 

Like a true North Star, we are a constant guiding force helping each client to discover and find their way home. We want people to live surrounded by what is important to them. We help people, no matter their background, through the process of buying or selling a home in Manitoba. 

Follow your heart. Fall in love with your surroundings. It’s your life, you should love where you live. Let us help you.

Coldwell Banker Values


It’s the most important thing in our lives. It’s the place we long for at the end of the day, and the place that holds all we love and everything we cherish. It’s our agents’ mission to bring the joy of home to every one of our clients with unrivalled expertise, passion and energy.


From our very beginning in 1906, we saw things differently. We found new ways to help our clients, and pioneered many industry firsts. From the first real estate code of ethics to the first real estate mobile app, we’ve always been happiest when we’re leading the way to where the industry is going.


This is the spirit in every Coldwell Banker agent and office. It’s fun, it’s happy, it’s energetic and full of life. It’s optimistic and always sees opportunity ahead. It’s a worldwide network of affiliated agents joining forces to share insight and knowledge, so we can all succeed together.


We believe that if you’re going to do something, you should be the best at it. Never settle for average. Always be exceptional. Whether it’s a listing presentation for a potential client, a home staging for an open house, or running and entire office—go beyond what’s merely expected and deliver something amazing.

Coldwell Banker Park Avenue

Boutique Brokerage Benefits

At Coldwell Banker Park Avenue Real Estate we’re proud to be a Boutique real estate company focused on hiring only the very best REALTORS® in the industry serving all of Southern Manitoba. With all the advantages of a Globally recognized and well connected network of over 90,000 Coldwell Banker real estate professionals there’s no need to choose between brand name recognition and top-quality real estate services – anymore.

As a client of a Boutique Real Estate Firm, you can expect above average representation in any transaction from a quaint condo unit to sprawling estate and everything in between. You will rest assured knowing that not only the Broker, but the entire office is working to assist you for a smooth and skilled transaction.

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