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With access to an 8,300-acre green space just 20 km north of Winnipeg, Birds Hill Provincial Park in Springfield is a retreat and gathering place for urbanites who want a quieter, natural, more peaceful lifestyle. It’s a tranquil spot to cycle and hike (especially the Cedar Bog Trail) or just picnic among the prairie buttercups.

The community of Oakbank + surrounding area, located approximately 15 km from Winnipeg, is home to approximately 5000 residents and offers progressive, growing neighbourhoods with all levels of schools, recreation facilities, shopping, restaurants + services.

The RM stretches from urban industrial development on the eastern boundary of the City of Winnipeg, through urban, rural residential, agricultural and natural landscapes, to the Agassiz Provincial Forest on the municipality’s eastern boundary. Birds Hill Provincial Park nestles into the northwestern corner of Springfield.

Neighbourhood Stats

What You Should Know

15,341 as of the 2016 Census

Population Density:

Employment Rate:

Median resident age is 42

Internet and Phone Connectivity:
Reliable, high speed available

Utility Services Providers:
Manitoba Hydro, Municipal Water

Landscaping Regulations:

Maintenance Regulations:
No (area will vary)

Pet-Friendly Neighborhood:

Closed Communities:

Energy Efficient Communities:

School Districts:
Public Schools

Safety Level:

Street Infrastructure:

Privacy Level:

Noise Level:
Low (with location)

Location & Map

The Rural Municipality of Springfield was Manitoba’s first rural municipality and one of its largest. Established in 1873, Springfield stretches from urban industrial development on the eastern boundary of the City of Winnipeg, through urban, rural residential, agricultural and natural landscapes, to the Agassiz Provincial Forest on the municipality’s eastern boundary.

Oakbank is an unincorporated community in Manitoba located about 15 km east of the provincial capital of Winnipeg. This quaint residential area is tucked in amongst wide prairie sky and sprawling special.

Neighbourhood Real Estate

About the Market

In a typical year approximately 150 residential real estate transactions occur in this geographic location. The average sale price of single family detached homes in 2021 was $450,000, and the average days on the market for residential real estate is approximately 10 to 14 days.

The housing stock here is made up mostly of single-family homes, though you’ll also find the odd semi-detached dwelling and condo in the mix. In general, lot sizes are larger than what you’ll find in the city—with some properties spanning acres.

Standard of Living

High Standard

Market Type

Buyers / Sellers

Housing Prices

Average Sale price is $375,000

Neighbourhood Highlights

What to Expect

The RM of Springfield is home to the bedroom communities of Dugald and Oakbank which are located 22 KM and 15 KM respectively from Winnipeg, making them the perfect place for those who work in the capitol city but want to live a more relaxed, rural pace of life.

The RM offers numerous sports such as soccer, baseball hockey and ringette along with dance and performing arts programs available locally.

Fall in Love

Explore an old homestead. Wander through the wild flowers. Climb to the top of the viewing tower and you’ll see for miles. Walk, cycle, horseback ride through a network of trails that will take you anywhere and everywhere.

Year-round the park is a natural stage for a range of recreational activities and sporting events. In July of each year, Birds Hill is home to the Winnipeg Folk Festival, one of North America’s largest folk music events. Everything from trail riding to interpretive programs are yours to enjoy. Watch any number of events in the park: horse shows, polo tournaments, and cycling races. Birds Hill is also a favorite picnic spot for small and large groups.

Outdoor Areas & Amenities

  • Day-care
  • Elementary School
  • Middle School
  • High School
  • Elderly Nursing Home
  • Police Station
  • Fire Station
  • Library Services
  • Parks
  • Recreation Facilities
  • Community Club
  • Food Markets
  • Bars + Restaurants
  • Family Neighbourhood
  • Natural Environment
  • Walkable Neighbourhood
  • Suburban Community
  • Countryside
  • Large Lot Sizes
  • Close to Highways
  • Maintained Infrastructure
  • Places of Worship
  • Community Events

Neighbourhood Traffic Network

Commuting Time

With it’s close proximity to the City of Winnipeg, commuting time from the RM of Springfield to most areas of Winnipeg is under 40 minutes.

Average Commutes (In Minutes)


Assiniboine Park Zoo

International Airport

Grand Beach

University of Manitoba

Bird’s Hill Provincial Park

More In The Neighborhood

Community Activities

Springfield has it all. An inclusive “community of communities” which respects and embraces the views and lifestyles of people of all ages and all walks of life. Enjoy pristine water sources, a sustainable natural environment, the unparalleled beauty of Birds Hill Park and a wide range of recreational opportunities including a rich equestrian way of life. From rural to small-town living with modern urban amenities, the area offers a variety of lifestyle choices.

If it’s an active lifestyle you’re after, check out the Oakbank Community Club or the Pineridge Golf Club–both of which serve as central hubs for the community. From hockey and football to skating and baseball, the RM of Springfield and Oakbank are also the ideal place to be active.

Springfield also offers a thriving arts community with community groups offering dance and theatre experiences for all ages. Community groups offer gardening, public speaking, an agricultural society and so much more!

Each summer, Oakbank hosts Chickendaze, an event run by the communities of Anola, Dugald, Hazelridge, Oakbank and Cooks Creek. Chickendaze features a baseball tournament, parade and fair that attracts visitors from the RM of Springfield and beyond.

Neighbourhood School Districts

Sunrise School Division

Sunrise School Division serves one of the most beautiful areas of Manitoba, stretching from the sprawling farmlands just east of Winnipeg to the fabulous cottage country of eastern Manitoba. Our division includes the communities of Anola, Beausejour, Dugald, Garson, Hazelridge, Lac du Bonnet, Oakbank, Powerview/Pine Falls, Tyndall and Whitemouth.
Sunrise School Division (SSD) serves over 4,600 K- 12 students and over 180 students in adult learning centres in eight wards within 7181 square kilometres in southeastern Manitoba. In total, there are 19 schools:
  • 7 English
  • 4 English/French Immersion
  • 2 English/Ukrainian Bilingual
  • 6 Hutterian
In addition to the schools, there are 4 Adult Learning sites.

Neighbourhood Attractions

Top Family Areas

Bird’s Hill Provincial Park

Birds Hill Provincial Park provides the perfect location for you to enjoy any of your favourite outdoor activities. You can walk, bike, or evening saddle up your horse to explore their trails. Along the way, you can admire the breathtaking scenery that mixes esker ridges, dry prairie lands, wet meadows, bogs, aspen-oak and even boreal forest.

Cooks Creek Church

Constructed in stages beginning in 1930 and consecrated in 1952, this multi-storey domed structure situated in Cooks Creek in a complex that includes the Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes and a cemetery.

Deer Meadow Farms

Head over to the charming Deer Meadow Farms that is ready to give you a rootin tootin good time. There are many activities and things to do here, but the must-see attraction is the ten acres corn maze.  Deer Meadow Farms is also home to a beautiful wedding venue, Halloween sights and day camp opportunities.

Pineridge Hollow

Nestled just outside of Bird’s Hill Park, Pineridge Hollow features shopping, a restaurant, farmer’s market and events venue. With six acres of gardens, ponds and flowers it is the perfect spot to escape the city for a unique prairie experience.

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